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The Most Common Home Insurance Claims During the Holidays

  • December 5, 2019

Holiday Home Insurance Claims


The holidays are a time for peace, harmony, and spending time with friends and family. Unfortunately, all it takes is one incident, injury, or fire to ruin your festivities. As a homeowner, find out how you can better protect your property this season by understanding the most common home insurance claims during the holidays.



Believe it or not, but the winter season is peak time for holiday fires. All it takes is a couple of seconds for a fire to get out of hand, engulf the house, and quickly ruin the holidays. To prevent your home from suffering a fire this season, be sure to:

  • Take care in the kitchen. Never leave the house if the oven is on
  • Keep kids and pets out of the kitchen while cooking
  • Never use string lights that have frayed cords or damaged wiring
  • Only use exterior lights on the outside of the house
  • Avoid overloading plug sockets
  • Blow out candles before leaving the house or going to sleep
  • Keep candles out of reach of children and pets



The presents under the tree may be a pretty picture but they also create temptation for thieves. An abundance of brand new items in every house can make for active thieves. Keep your presents safely underneath the tree with these tips:

  • Get online orders delivered to your work so that boxes are not sitting your porch unattended
  • Install a home security system
  • Keep the tree and presents out of sight from the street
  • Avoid placing boxes outside to be collected. Break down the boxes so that people can’t see you’ve just bought a new TV


Take the time to review your home insurance coverage to be sure you have optimum protection for festivities and beyond. To find the right coverage for your needs, work with one of our friendly and experienced staff members at Falsken & Associates Insurance Agency serving Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, and neighboring cities in California.