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Teen Safety: Driving Apps & Auto Insurance in Thousand Oaks

  • November 21, 2016

Driving apps and correct auto insurance in Thousand Oaks can help to keep your teen safe on the roads.

As parents, it’s in our genetics to worry about our teenagers when they’re driving on the road. We set them up with good driving habits, teach them to never text and drive, and set a nightly curfew for them to (hopefully) abide by. It’s safe to say that turning over the keys to a 3,000-pound weapon isn’t easy. Fortunately, technology can help monitor your teen’s driving activities when you’re not in the car, alongside reliable auto insurance in Thousand Oaks.


A little black box fits onto the windshield that links back to an application on your child’s smartphone. This combination lets you control what your teen can and can’t do on their phone while driving. If you’re nervous about your teen texting and driving, this application simply shuts down texting apps before they have a chance to open it up while he or she is operating a vehicle.


This application was created by parents, techies, and a volunteer first responders. It plugs into the diagnostic port of your car to report back when your teen speeds, goes to the wrong address, or gets into an accident. In short, this app lets you keep tabs on your child’s whereabouts as well as driving habits.


This app monitors your teen’s driving and offers tips on how to drive more safely. It keeps track of the routes and speed while your teen is driving so that you can track how they’re driving when you’re not in the car to monitor them.

Along with handy apps, auto insurance in Thousand Oaks helps to protect your teen on the road. For the coverage that your teen needs for your peace of mind, contact the team at Falsken & Associates Insurance Agency that help to protect your family.