Start-Up Business? Make Sure You Have All the Insurance Coverage You Need
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Start-Up Business? Ensure You Have All the Insurance Coverage You Need

  • March 21, 2019

Protect Your Start-Up From the Beginning

After many months of planning, your business plan is ready to be put into action. However, a common oversight by start-up businesses is to have no business insurance in Thousand Oaks, CA in place when they start out. It may seem like overkill insuring your new business for millions of dollars against claims, but start-ups are at particular risk. A claim made against you, no matter how small, could lead to disaster for your business’s finances even before it’s off the ground. There are several business insurance coverages available for start-ups that give you the peace of mind that your hard work is covered.

General Liability

General liability offers financial protection for your business in the event of lawsuits, claims or settlements. These occur when a guest is injured or their belongings are damaged on the property, or even non-physical acts like slander and libel.

Property Insurance

Whether you’re working out of a small office outside of town or a suite in the heart of the city, you will need property insurance. This is designed to protect your business’ physical assets from damage and loss. A wide array of events can fall under this coverage, such as fire, wind storms, hail storms, and vandalism.

Business Owner’s Policy

A business owner’s policy (BOP) bundles general liability insurance and commercial property insurance into one handy policy. A single BOP policy allows your start-up to stay protected easily and is generally the most affordable choice.

Additional Coverage

You may need to take out additional coverage for your business depending on your risks, industry, and location. Consider talking to your insurer about workers’ compensation insurance, cyber liability insurance, business interruption insurance, and commercial auto insurance.

Make sure you have the proper business insurance protections in place.  To find the right policies to address your needs, contact Falsken & Associates Insurance Agency today.