How to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly for Earth Day
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How to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly for Earth Day

  • April 19, 2018

Environmentally-Friendly Tips for the Home 

On April 22, many countries around the world will join in the celebration of Earth Day. Started in 1970, Earth Day was started to celebrate and show support for environmental protection. While planet earth provides us a home, we have continued to deplete her precious resources, kill off species, and pollute the air and water. With Earth Day just around the corner, check out these easy ways to start living a greener lifestyle in the home.

Carry a reusable bag.

Whether you’re going to the grocery store or mall, remember to take reusable bags with you instead of relying on the plastic bags. These cotton bags are often much more studier than typical plastic bags, allowing you to fit more items into each bag.

Turn it off.

Remember to turn off/unplug your lights, appliances, and electronic devices when not in use. Even if they are off but plugged in, they still suck up small amounts of energy. These small changes can help reduce your consumption of resources as well as saving money.

Donate your newspapers.

Once you’re done with your newspapers, don’t throw them in the trash. Instead, donate them to an animal shelter. These organizations get creative when it comes to using things you may not want. Newspapers are especially good for bedding.

Seal air drafts.

Inspect your windows and doors. If there are any gaps or cracks that are letting air get through, seal them up now. This can help keep the cool air in during summer and the cold air out during winter.

Reduce your plastic consumption.

Along with carrying your own reusable tote bag, work on cutting down on your plastic consumption. It is easily one of the worst offenders of environmental damage. Buy from bulk bins in grocery stores, take your own coffee mug, and say no to straws!

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