Handle Liability Claims With Your Home Insurance in Thousand Oaks
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Handle Liability Claims with Your Home Insurance in Thousand Oaks

  • January 31, 2017

Here is how to handle common lawsuits with your home insurance in Thousand Oaks.

Homeownership is a mark of independence, success, and a true sign of adulthood; however, owning a home comes with a lot of responsibilities. If you should be deemed liable for a loss, you will be left holding the bill for unexpected events, such as liability for injuries that happen on your property. Fortunately, home insurance in Thousand Oaks can help to mitigate financial burdens.

To help you sort out what you’re liable for as a homeowner and how insurance can help, here are common liability claims and how to handle them.

A guest falls down on your sidewalk.

When someone falls down on your property, inside or outside, you may be held liable. If there were a crack in the sidewalk that you could be responsible for, you would be liable for the injury and medical costs. However, you can breathe a sigh of relief because many home insurance policies include personal liability coverage, so typically, a fall is covered.

Your dog bites your neighbor.

Sure, Fang was just playing around, but that doesn’t mean that your neighbor won’t take you to court. Dog bites are one of the most common reasons for homeowners liability claims, and they can be some of the most emotional and costly. Most injuries sustained from a dog bite are usually covered by a home insurance policy – but there’s a catch: some dog breeds may be blacklisted from coverage. ‘Aggressive’ breeds may need additional insurance to protect the homeowner from facing lawsuits alone.

A drunken guest damages your property.

We’ve all been there; caring for a friend when they’ve had too much to drink. Even when that friend damages the property in some way, they are still your responsibility. The good news is that the personal liability coverage in your home insurance policy should help you to pay for the repairs. If you’re worried about party guests getting too rowdy, limit the risk by hiring a professional bartender who can closely monitor how much your guests have to drink.

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