The Importance of Life Insurance in Thousand Oaks
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The Importance of Life Insurance

  • November 16, 2017

Do you know the importance of life insurance in Thousand Oaks?

Most people would do anything for their families, from doing the washing up every night to instilling safe habits in their behavior. What many people forget is that life insurance coverage helps to protect your family when you are no longer able to do so. Do you know the importance of life insurance in Thousand Oaks?

It protects your family.

If your loved ones depend on you financially, then life insurance is a must. It replaces your income when you pass, meaning that your family won’t have to deal with the hardship of financial struggles. You will also need to provide enough funds to cover the expense of hiring someone to cover the day-to-day household tasks, such as doing the cleaning, laundry, cooking, and childcare. Life insurance can help do this.

It allows you to leave an inheritance.

Even if you don’t have any other assets to pass on, you can build an inheritance by buying a life insurance policy and naming your loved ones as beneficiaries. This is a good way to set up a solid financial future for your kids.

It pays off debts and other expenses.

As well as providing income to cover everyday living expenses, your family will need insurance to help with any outstanding debts, such as the mortgage, credit cards, and vehicle loans.  Other expenses like funeral and burial costs can easily run into thousands of dollars, but life insurance can help with that financial burden.

Partners Sherri and John loved their small bakery business. All was going well during the holiday rush until Sherri discovered a lump, which doctors told her was breast cancer. While continuing to run the bakery and attend school to complete her Master’s degree, Sherri bravely battled the disease. Sadly, the devastating disease took her life at just 45.

Fortunately, John was allowed the time to grieve as well as find a buyer for her business after she passed with the help of life insurance. Life insurance also helped to secure their sons’ college educations and own his retirement. “We knew life insurance was important but didn’t understand the value until now,” he says. “I can say in hindsight that the sacrifice of putting money aside for life insurance—to give you peace of mind and less stress—is totally worth it.”

Understanding Its True Value

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