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Winter’s Here: Review House Maintenance & Home Insurance in Thousand Oaks

  • November 16, 2016

Take the time to prep your house for winter and review your home insurance in Thousand Oaks this season.

In California, we’re not experts when it comes to winterizing our homes and vehicles for the cooler season. With the sun still shining and the weather still bright, many of us actually forget that the change in season means a change in weather. Even so, taking the time to review house maintenance and home insurance in Thousand Oaks helps to keep your property safe, warm, and dry throughout the adverse weather. From rain to the wind to storms to frost, there are still plenty of dangers that lie ahead.

Prep the Interior

As the temperatures drop, we turn to our thermostat and heating unit to take the chill out of those cold mornings. You can save on your energy bill while making your home warmer by filling your attic and wall cavities with insulation. While you’re at it, caulk the windows and doors that let in cold air.

Check the Exterior

Problems with the exterior of your house can lead to water running down the side of your house and penetrating the roof and walls. Clear the gutters and drains of fallen leaves and anything else that has found its way into them so that there are no blockages in the drains. Check the roof for any damaged or missing tiles as well as worn concrete to ensure that it is able to see your home through the winter.

Wrap up Pipes

Pipes in lofts, leaves, and behind cupboards are exposed and prone to freezing. To prevent a frozen pipe from bursting, prevent it from freezing by wrapping up the pipes in insulation to prevent ice from forming.

Review Insurance

Before the winter hits, be sure to review your home insurance in Thousand Oaks to protect your Californian home. With reliable protection, it can help you to safeguard your home and belongings throughout the winter and beyond!

Visit the professionals at Falsken & Associates Insurance Agency to secure the right home insurance in Thousand Oaks to meet your needs and budget!