Daily Safety Checks for the Workplace
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Daily Safety Checks for the Workplace

  • March 29, 2018

Effective Workplace Inspections 

As a business owner, you may be responsible for a lot of things in your company. From daily communications, sales, processes, hiring, and even cleaning the office, you have a lot of tasks to juggle every day. What many owners forget is that the workplace must remain a safe environment at all times. Not only does it protect your staff and guests, but it prevents costly insurance claims. To safeguard your business, ensure you have the right commercial insurance in Thousand Oaks, CA and follow these daily safety practices.

Prevent Falls, Trips, and Slips

  • Keep all pathways clear of obstructions
  • Report and clean up spills and leaks right away
  • Replace worn, damaged, and ripped flooring
  • Place non-slip mats inside of doors and entryways
  • Consider installing anti-slip flooring

Ensure Everyone Takes Regular Breaks

Many work-related injuries and illnesses occur because a worker is burned out or tired. The best way to ensure that your team stay focused on the task at hand and remain aware of their surroundings is to ensure that they take regular breaks, especially those who perform labor-intensive tasks.

Use Tools and Machines Correctly

Staff members must use tools and equipment properly, and never take shortcuts. Be sure that all of your employees know how to properly use machinery and tools before they begin work. In addition to this, all team members must wear the proper safety equipment at all times.

Clean Up

It’s a common task that many businesses forget to do – but simply housekeeping can keep illnesses at bay. Dust and germs can settle on surfaces, triggering allergies or spreading coughs and colds. Ensure that your workplace is cleaned every day and that surfaces are wiped down often to prevent illness.

These tips can help to ensure your work environment is safe. Want another way to keep your business safe? Make sure you have the proper business insurance protections in place.  To find the right policies to address your needs, contact Falsken & Associates today.