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Why Cheap Auto Insurance in Thousand Oaks, CA Isn’t Always Best

  • October 26, 2016

Looking to save a dime? Skimping on your auto insurance in Thousand Oaks, CA could cost you big.

Motorists these days are always looking to save a few pennies here and there. From filling up at the cheapest petrol station to DIY car maintenance, there are plenty of options to save money when it comes to your vehicle. For us mere mortals, a car is a huge investment. Every penny that you can save on your car insurance policy is another that stays in your pocket. While you may be tempted to skimp on your auto insurance in Thousand Oaks, CA, note that cheaper insurance isn’t always better. In fact, it may even cost you more down the road.

Is cheap car insurance the best car insurance?

To answer this question, it rarely is. Cheap car insurance tends to be limited coverage with low deductibles. On the flip side, best car insurance translates to quality coverage and the right deductibles for your finances, all at an affordable price. Before you select the cheapest policy that you see online, here’s why it may not be best for you:

  • Minimal coverage means minimal protection. If you only aim to acquire your state’s minimal liability coverage, you may save a few dollars every month. However, you could pay out a huge amount if you need to file a claim that exceeds these limits.
  • Higher deductibles are higher out-of-pocket expenses. One of the easiest ways to save on car insurance is to raise the deductibles. Though, doing so will increase the cost of filing a claim as you’ll have to pay more out of pocket.
  • Low limits increase liabilities. Available limits can seem staggeringly high – far beyond the levels of damage that you imagine you might inflict. Even so, you’d be surprised at how fast these limits can be reached and breached. In turn, you’ll be left to foot the bill for the excess damages. Not convinced? Think of a fender-bender with a one-of-a-kind Maserati.

Before you buy the bare bones of an auto insurance policy, take the time to consider purchasing affordable, high-quality coverage. Contact the experts at Falsken & Associates Insurance Agency to secure the right auto insurance in Thousand Oaks, CA to meet your needs and budget!