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4 Ways Companies Can Protect Employees on Business Travel

  • July 11, 2019

Are Your Employees Covered While Traveling? 

If your business requires you and your employees to travel regularly, you should be proactive in protecting your team and data. When your business is always on the move, it pays to ensure that there are no gaps in security. Fortunately, there are some ways to mitigate the risks, reduce stress, and protect your team while they are away from home.

Provide education and training

Education programs could include online courses on different types of general travel and safety risks. You may choose to include details on specific points of travel, medical risks, and security issues.

Establish communication protocols

When your team is traveling, encourage them to communicate their actions to you as often as possible. They should communicate when they arrive and leave their destination, as well as when they are taking public transport. Even the most minor gaps in communication can lead to disaster.

Ensure data stays safe

There can be many risks when traveling, and your business’s data falling into the wrong hands is one of them. Ensure that your team members know how to protect data while on the road. They should avoid leaving devices unattended, using public Wi-Fi, and writing down passwords.

Create a crisis management plan

It’s important to ensure that everyone in the business is prepared for a crisis and understands their roles if a disaster occurs. Many businesses use apps that allow employers to track traveling employees’ locations and allow team members to send quick text warnings. These systems can be especially helpful when facing a disaster.

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