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3 Preventable Home Insurance Claims

  • September 26, 2019

Home Insurance Claims to Easily Avoid

When homeowners think of home insurance claims, they often associate them with major disasters such as hurricanes or wildfires. In these mass-destruction events, there is little the homeowner can do to protect their property. However, many homeowner losses are entirely preventable. Take a look at these preventable homeowners insurance claims as well as tips on how to reduce the likelihood of a claim.

  • Washing machine mistakes

Washing machines are great when they’re working. When there’s an issue, it can be hard to spot and even more difficult to clean up. Many homes and garages are flooded because there was an issue with a washing machine. Experts recommend that you avoid loose or damaged washing machine hoses by replacing them at least every three years, and inspect them regularly for wear and tear. If possible, move your machine to an area where you would  be able to detect water problems right away/

  • Roof leaks and collapses

Basic roof maintenance, such as cleaning out the gutters and replacing damaged shingles, is key to a longer roof life. If a roof is not maintained, it can get damaged and worn out over time, which means that water can find its way into your property. If there are signs of deflection or damage to the building’s structure, a qualified structural engineer should be contacted immediately.

  • Electrical fires

All it takes is a spark to turn a property into ash. Electrical fires are responsible for a high number of home fires. The best ways to avoid this risk is to check for loose-fitting plugs in electrical outlets, replace broken wall plates, ensuring cords are not frayed, and not overloading outlets with many adapters.

These simple tips can help you keep your home safe and avoid filing a home insurance claim. To find the right insurance coverage for your needs, work with one of our friendly and experienced staff at Falsken & Associates Insurance Agency serving Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, and neighboring cities in California.